Amanda Bynes Wants to Bartend & That's Probably the Worst Thing For Her Right Now — REPORT

While I want to stress first and foremost that this is a report from TMZ, it's still worrisome should it be true. According to the gossip website, Amanda Bynes wants to be a bartender for a living now, in an effort to gain "a normal life" and earn more money than the $50 to $100 a day she's allowed under the terms of her parents' conservatorship.

From TMZ:

Sources connected to Amanda tell TMZ ... she wants "a normal life," and she believes working in a bar would achieve that goal.Amanda says she's well aware of the obvious impediment -- she attracts so much attention it would be hard to function as a bartender.

The sources go on to say that Bynes wants more money so she can secure her own apartment in LA, as well as plastic surgery because — and this is without a doubt the most heartbreaking thing in their report, "she thinks she's ugly." This, coupled with her cryptic Twitter statements about her appearance recently — like this one, where she wrote, "I look awful" — is just all the more worrisome, and indication that Bynes needs professional intervention, not a professional career.

Plus, being in an environment like a bar doesn't at all seem like it would help Bynes' current state of mind — it just seems like it could be detrimental to it.

As previously reported, Bynes' parents have reportedly made the decision to turn over their conservatorship of their daughter to a mental health specialist who is trained in dealing with cases like hers — and they are apparently hoping that by relinquishing control (as well as moving to Texas to be closer to their older daughter, Jillian) Bynes will be more open to having a relationship with them. So far, Bynes has had no comment on the reports.