The Is The Creepiest Role Nic Cage Has Ever Had

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

One very ambitious Redditor has just single-handedly made the world a better place by creating a rear windshield wiper decal featuring a waving, mustached Nicolas Cage. I feel almost as much delight looking at the GIF they shared as I did the day I learned that it was possible to buy a mini-dress with a massive image of Steve Buscemi printed upon it. Sadly, I did not purchase that dress for myself and have recreated it ever since. Wait, today is my pay-day! LOOK OUT WORLD! I AM ABOUT TO BUY A STRANGE DRESS THAT I WILL WEAR ONCE WHEREUPON GUARANTEEING THAT I WILL BUMP INTO STEVE BUSCEMI CAUSING A MOMENT SO AWKWARD THAT THE DRESS MUST BE BURNED!

Okay, I've settled and gotten rid of the caps lock. I'm sorry. It's just that sometimes I get excited. Let's get back to Nic Cage on the back of this car and why it is amazing. I applaud the creator of this feat. I award this person the slowest of the slow-claps. The dude or dudette responsible could have simply been satisfied by going ahead and putting Cage's glorious visage up for display. But by going that extra mile and making the guy WAVE when the wipers are on he has kicked it up a level. Or twelve. This makes me wish for it to be raining pretty much all the time and not in a Shirley Manson kind of way, though the undeniable excellence of that song cannot be argued.

I sincerely hope that Nicolas Cage sees this post and goes out of his way to find the person who made it. I don't mean like, that he contact them or that he even share the story of his social media. I think he should get the person's address, and lie in wait for them to leave the house. Then he should jump out of the bushes in front of the car and just laugh and laugh and laugh because that seems like something this decal-maker would appreciate. Providing he does not accidentally run over Nicolas Cage in the process.

Image: Getty Images; Reddit