'The Mindy Project's Yuletide Fashion is On Point

by Rosie Narasaki

The Mindy Project has been enjoying a strong third season, and the clothes — specifically, Mindy's — are as awesome as ever (so where's that full season pickup, Fox?? What gives?). While we've all come to know and love her Rainbow Brite office get-up — the searing yellow trench coats, the Pepto Bismol pink sweater vests, the plaid pencil skirts, and the brightly printed day dresses — there's no quite beating Mindy's Christmas party wear.

I mean, last Christmas, she went for full, "Santa Baby"-worthy glitz in a sequined teal blouse (quite memorably with the help of The Wine Rack, which is a real thing that is exactly what it sounds like). Even in the Season 3 premiere we got to see her dress up in an absolutely glorious $5,000 jewel-encrusted No. 21 cocktail dress.

This year's dress might just beat them all, though: It is custom designed by costume designer Salvador Perez, after all — and her hair (while it doesn't quite soar to the Jersey Girl heights of last week's "Late, Actually") is still delightfully retro and voluminous. Add in a gorgeous assist from fellow producer/writer/actor Tracey Wigfield, and you've got yourself one fabulously-attired episode. Let's take a look:

The hair:

Very '60s.

The dress:

Very Mindy.

The co-pilot:

Incidentally, also very Mindy. She's definitely giving Mindy a run for her money in the whole, big hair/sparkle quotient!

Images: Getty Images; Instagram