'The View' Made Sure Jenny McCarthy's First Day Was Painfully Uncontroversial

It was host Jenny McCarthy's first day on The View and I'm hear to answer all your burning questions about her debut on the ABC talk show. Did she come out dressed as a giant needle with a "no" sign around it? Did she make funny faces at Barbara Walters until Babs was forced to slap a bitch? Did Whoopie Goldberg roll her eyes so hard that one popped out? Was Sherri Shepherd able to get one, single word in edgewise?

The answer to all of the above is a "no, unfortunately not."

Despite the balloons and steamers, Jenny's first day on the job was about as exciting as a retirement party, without the cake. The show started with a review of her summer vacation and we were treated to pics of her son and his frog collection. It was cute and try as you may, you can't hate an 11-year-old boy and his adorable reptile obsession. Point is, the show started off soft for Jenny — she definitely did not come out of the gates swinging.

I mean, the most controversial topic the panel discussed was twerking. Twerking! At this point, the trend is so over-dissected that there's no point to even bringing it up anymore. It's a conversation so safe they might as well have talked about how much they all love puppies. Or worse, puppies snuggling with kitties.

The softball topic wasn't the only easy one lobbed at Jenny on her first day — the guest was her boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg. Who's going to come out tomorrow, her mother? It's clear that the producers went out of their way to make sure that there was absolutely zero controversy stirred on her first show — a move as annoying as it was predictable since controversy is what Jenny does best.

As much as we may not agree with Jenny's politics and campaigns, it's always fun to watch her debate and defend her positions. Here's hoping The View doesn't keep Jenny on the leash for much longer, no matter how cute her son and his frogs are.

The View airs at 11 a.m. on ABC.