'Orphan Black's Season 3 Teaser Could Not Have Picked a Better Song — VIDEO

As far as teasers go, yes: This one isn't exactly the most spoilerific, or, y'know, even consisting of actual scenes from the series. However, it's also pretty much the first piece of new promotional material we've received from Orphan Black since season 2 concluded (in the most intense way possible!), so I'm sure superfans can agree: We will take anything we get. Plus, it's pretty difficult to say that Orphan Black 's first season 3 teaser is perfect, because it totally is — right down to the song choice.

In the short (as in, 20 mere seconds) clip depicts, we see images of cells dividing and multiplying, playing into the scientific themes of the show. Meanwhile, a snippet from the classic 1963 song by Lesley Gore, "You Don't Own Me," plays in the background, with lyrics ringing loud and true: "You don't own me/ I'm not just one of your many toys..."

Considering the show's major plotline dealing with DNA and clone ownership...this song is pretty much perfect.

You can check out the teaser below. Since Orphan Black season 3 isn't set to premiere until April of 2015, it could be awhile before we get any new promotional material — but with any luck, we'll have a lengthier teaser before we know it.


Image: BBC America