Peter Capaldi's 'Doctor Who'-Themed Message to a Grieving Young Fan Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes — VIDEO

Many celebrities are known for the philanthropy, donations to charities, and good deeds they do for the world. People like Emma Watson speak out on behalf of women and gender equality, while others like Angelina Jolie help those in need overseas. When celebrities take a moment — even if a brief one — out of their schedule to help others and to put their power as leaders in our society to good use, it’s extremely heartwarming. Personally, on top of all these acts of kindness, the most meaningful deeds of all are those when celebrities reach out to specific individuals to make their day a little bit better somehow. And that’s exactly what happened when Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi helped a young boy cope with the loss of his nanny through a sweet YouTube video.

Capaldi, who is known for his role on Doctor Who as the Twelfth Doctor, decided to get into character for the message after receiving a letter from a nine-year-old autistic boy whose nanny had died. The actor’s video made it to his fan a day before the funeral, according to io9 and the boy’s father, Ross Goodall.

“Made such a huge difference and helped him cope with the hardest of days,” Goodall said on his YouTube page. “It was an incredibly kind thing to do that has helped Thomas gain perspective and not feel so alone in his grief. Where Thomas is autistic, he doesn’t feel emotions the same way the rest of us do so this has been incredibly hard for him. This message seems to have given him the strength to keep going, with his chin up.”

Although of course we have no idea what young Thomas must be experiencing right now, judging from his father’s post, it appears that Capaldi’s words about Thomas having people on his side may have done the job. It’s always the little things that count.

Ross Goodall on YouTube