5 Life-Changing Food Hacks (Seriously, How Have We Been Eating Avocados So Wrong All This Time?) – VIDEO

The ClickHole gods have blessed us with a new video, and that video gives us a video that offers brilliant food hacks. For example, do you know that the way you've been peeling and eating a banana is skipping one super important step? Or avocados! Don’t just barbarically slice them! There is a better way! DUH, humans. I don't want to give too much away (because the video so articulately demonstrates each point and I would hate to steal its thunder) but trust me when I say: best get on these tricks.

This food preparation parody is probably in response to all those videos we’ve been seeing that show us how to “properly” prepare something. Like that Cake Guy, who taught us how cake is actually destined to be sliced down the middle to prevent the escape of moisture (okay, that’s kind of a good idea, but who actually has the time to slice cake like that? No one.). Mashable came up with a huge list that includes everything from heating up your pizza with a waffle maker, slicing cheese with floss, to keeping your tacos upright with a fork. Guys? Can we just eat food however we want? Like with our hands or whatever? Do we really need a million life hacks to teach us how to snack on things?

Eh. Probably not. Which is why this video is everything.

Image: Jennifer/Flickr