She finally posted a selfie with her new man

by Nicole Pomarico

No matter how many dates you've gone on, any relationship isn't official until two things have happened. First, the status goes up on Facebook, allowing everyone from your best friend to that girl down the street who baby-sat you in second grade to see that you're proudly linked to your new significant other. Second? The very first couple's selfie happens. And going by these laws of dating, it would seem like Britney Spears and her new beau are getting pretty serious, because the first official selfie has officially occurred.

Spears has been rumored to be dating Charlie Ebersol, a cute TV producer whose dating record includes tennis pro Maria Sharapova, and now, we can definitively say the rumors are true. Spears posted a cute and smiley selfie with Ebersol on Saturday, unfortunately without any type of caption. Bummer! The selfie would have been the perfect opportunity to share a few words that would give us a better idea of who the heck this dude is, or where or how they met, or why he seems to have come directly out of left field.

Ebersol posted the same photo on his Instagram, and, following Spears' lead, offered up exactly zero new info as well, other than "#happiness," to which I say, "Of course you're happy. You're standing next to Britney Spears."

Spears has remained tight-lipped about her new boyfriend off of Instagram, too, only mentioning the fact that she did in fact have a "special someone" and that the relationship was new. Apparently, they were introduced by mutual friends, and things have been going well for them ever since... really well, because if Spears wasn't expecting longevity out of this budding relationship, I doubt the selfie would've ever been shared.

And although I'm dying for details, I understand why Spears is trying to keep quiet about this one. Her nightmarish foray into the world of reality TV with ex-husband Kevin Federline didn't do her any favors, and less than a year ago, she was engaged to David Lucado. If you're as famous as Britney Spears and you want your relationship to work, you probably have to keep pretty quiet about it.

The good news: From the limited info we have on Ebersol, he seems like a pretty regular guy, which I think would be perfect for Spears. Someone grounded and willing to roll with the punches... and someone who doesn't mind living in Vegas for the next couple of years.