Are Curtis & Shelby Really an MTV Perfect Match?

When it comes to love, we probably should follow our hearts, but MTV's reality dating series Are You the One? wants its participants to trust science when it comes to the art of amour instead. Ten perfect couples based on predetermined matches exist in the reality show's Puerto Rico house of 21 singles, but it can't be easy to find your perfect partner on paper when your hormones and heart take charge. During the second season of Are You the One? artist Curtis Hadzicki found his perfect match, Shelby Yardley. But even if science says she's the one for Curtis, does his heart say so too?

Curtis had spent the first five episodes of Season 2 bonding and growing very close to Briana LaCuesta. Even after his perfect match with Shelby was revealed, the 24-year-old artist and furniture builder found a way to spend one last night with Briana before being confined to the Honeymoon suite with Shelby for the rest of the season. But does that mean he'll be able to resist another hookup with Briana — or anyone else in the house? Here's a rundown of Curtis' sort-of relationships on Are You the One? this season.


During the first episode, John Moustis initially fractured Briana's nose, but that doesn't stop her from growing closer to Curtis by the second episode. The flirtation and crushing continues to build up to Curtis' match with Shelby, but as I said above, this two put rules aside and decided to make it a hookup to remember.

“There was a lot of sexual tension, and I had been putting in work,” Curtis told MTV after the rendezvous, which he called "fantastic."


The contestant spent the earlier part of Season 2 entangled in her own love triangle between Nathan and Dario, who actually physically fight over Shelby at one point. Uh oh. Nathan reacts pretty dramatically after Shelby makes out with Dario, and then flips out when the 21-year-old from Rhode Island puts his arm around her. Good thing she doesn't have to deal with any of this craziness anymore, right?


In a recent "Pound Town Confessions" clip, Curtis revealed that when he first arrived on Are You the One? the woman he was attracted to wasn't Shelby or Briana — it was Jenni Knapmiller, the nurse who describes herself as “a shot of whiskey in a porcelain teacup,” according to MTV's website. Unfortunately for him, Jenni was more drawn to Layton Jones, the 25 year old from Mississippi.

However it's not clear if Curtis has kept dating anyone since Are You the One? stopped filming, so we'll have to wait until the season ends to see if any of these women are really his perfect match.

Images: Curtis.Hadzicki, JenniknapmillerMTV/Facebook