Are Curtis & Briana from 'Are You the One?' Still Together? They're Keeping Things on the Down Low

Love isn't a perfect science. So, even if an the MTV algorithm deemed that two people are a "perfect match," it obviously isn't set in stone. Case in point: the moment that Are You the One? declared that — spoiler alert — Curtis and Shelby are a perfect match, Curtis goes running back into Briana's arms (at least temporarily). When Curtis and Shelby matched, it stirred Curtis and Briana's feelings for each other, and the two gleefully visited the so-called "Boom Boom Room." So, did Curtis and Briana stay together after Are You the One? wrapped, proving that they are in fact the perfect match?As emphatic as their trip to the Boom Boom Room was, I'm sorry to tell Curtis/Briana shippers that it doesn't look like the relationship was made to last. While I'm sure that the cast members are under strict orders to keep everything hush-hush to keep the results of Are You the One? from being spoiled, it doesn't seem like Curtis and Briana are still together IRL. They only occasionally reference each other in social media, and, when they do, it seems more friendly than anything else. In fact, Curtis' Instagram, while mostly selfies, has photos of him chatting up other ladies (with a little flirting going on in the comments, too).

Of course, this could be misdirection — they could be keeping a relationship on the down low. But, chances are, Curtana is dunzo.

Briana's in a rush to find her real true love; her MTV bio says she wants to get married and start a family within the next two years. So, if Curtis isn't Briana's perfect match, who is? Her twitter gives us some clues.


You gotta love a woman who knows what she wants, especially when that something involves carbs and/or fry grease.

Jenni Knapmiller

Hey, who says that perfect matches have to be between a man and a woman, right?

This Pose

Like a good relationship, once you know that something works, you stick with it.


If that isn't a perfect match, I don't know what is.

Image: MTV