Get To Know the Man Behind 'Gotham's Harvey Dent

Next Monday, FOX will officially introduce Gotham viewers to Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent, aka the man who eventually becomes the villainous Two-Face. Played by Nicholas D'Agosto, Dent is said to be "handsome, warm, and engaging." Even when dealing with the city's lowliest of criminals, he finds a way to maintain a sunny disposition. Apparently, this version of Dent will bring a working relationship and friendship with James Gordon. As exciting (and possibly confusing, seeing as we already have another Harvey on our hands, but maybe they'll go by "Dent" and "Bullock") as it is to see Dent join the cast of Gotham, some are skeptical over this casting choice and bringing on the character in general.

Maybe Gotham will surprise us in a good way with this latest addition, but until we actually see Dent in action, let's chat about the man playing this well-known character, who has the potential of becoming a series regular if there is a second season. Who is D'Agosto? He's no stranger to the small screen, starring in some top-notch dramas and comedies. FYI, because I think it's important to note, D'Agosto's father owns several Arby's franchises. In addition to that fun fact, you might be interested to know that D'Agosto was cast as the lead in How I Met Your Dad , the How I Met Your Mother spinoff that never made it to air.

Luckily, we still get to see him on TV this fall thanks to Gotham, but it definitely isn't the first time.

He Played Jan's Assistant on The Office

Remember Hunter on NBC's The Office? Not only did Jan hire him as her assistant, but he also became a singer, gifting Michael's ex-girlfriend with a CD featuring that infamous song, "That One Night," which pretty much ruined Jan and Michael's dinner party.

He Was a Doctor on Showtime

D'Agosto recurred on Showtime's Masters of Sex as Dr. Ethan Haas, a "fictional amalgamation of a couple of characters," as described by D'Agosto in a chat with Interview. In addition to being a protege to Michael Sheen's William Masters, the character was also a love interest to Lizzy Caplan's Virginia Johnson.

He Had a Thing for the Cheerleader & Could Fly

As West Rosen on NBC's Heroes (he appeared in nine episodes), D'Agosto had a thing for Hayden Panettiere's cheerleader character, Claire Bennet, and even took on powers like Superman by maintaining the ability to fly.

He Got Mental With the Winchesters

In Season 1 of Supernatural, he appeared in one episode of the hit CW series titled "Asylum." Trapped in an abandoned (and haunted) sanitarium, D'Agosto's character, Gavin, tried to escape the insanity with Sam, Dean, and his girlfriend. Luckily, he made it out alive.

I don't know about you, but I'm anxious to welcome D'Agosto back to my TV as Harvey Dent, and especially to see what kind of chemistry he has with the Gotham cast.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; wanderlusterworld, museelo, not-sane-at-all/Tumblr