The Snow Queen & Rumple Are In Cahoots on 'OUAT'

by Christine DiStasio

There's not enough magic in marriage to keep Rumplestiltskin happy, apparently. Sunday night's episode of Once Upon A Time , "The Snow Queen," revealed, you guessed it, The Snow Queen's past and what happened to Helga. But, while most of the episode focused on how OUAT's new, icy villain came to be the woman who's collecting blondes and wants Storybrooke to herself, it also created a new alliance. In the final moments of Sunday's episode, the Snow Queen and Rumple made a deal on OUAT and she asked him to do something that revived his darkness. Clearly someone's bored with married life and the "new man" he's become.

We all knew that the Snow Queen and Rumple had a history of sorts from her first appearance on OUAT Season 4. It was because of Rumple that we learned that Ingrid (Snow Queen's real name, for those that haven't realized it yet) knew Emma and erased some of her memories. So, honestly, I wasn't surprised when Ingrid turned up in Rumple's shop at the end of Sunday night's episode — especially since the detailed account of her past also included a visit to Rumple's home in the Enchanted Forest way back when.

Sunday's episode explained that Ingrid, along with her two sisters Helga and Gerda, went to Rumple seeking a way to control her magic in the past. And in exchange for his help (because all magic comes with a price, people), he asked the three girls to give him the yellow ribbons that represented their sisterly bond and love for one another.

So what's going on with these two and why does Ingrid's past even matter? Well, Ingrid finally decided to take Rumple's deal — but she also revealed that there's a dark side to Rumple that he's either kept hidden this entire time or he was planning on burying now that he's happily married. It seems, however, that that dark side of The Dark One is about to come out and Rumple's pretty happy about it. Apparently Rumple is trying to get out of Storybrooke or, at the very least, to have access to the outside world without losing his mind. And The Snow Queen knows the answer and the key to giving him what all villains want — everything — for a price.

At the end of the episode, Rumple offered up Ingrid and her sisters' ribbons and she leaned across the counter and whispered something into his ear. What Ingrid said is supposed to be what Rumple needs to do to get what he desires — so, what exactly did she tell him to do? Considering the venomous look in his eye, I would think it has something to do with Belle or something to do with Hook. It's no secret that Rumple and Hook and really not on good terms — even after all of this time — about Rumple's wife leaving him to be with Hook. And considering how Ingrid is trying to get Emma to feel like she has no one in the world that understands her besides her former foster mother, it makes perfect sense. Eliminate Hook, the only person Emma might still trust and who could talk her down from the ledge either by Rumple's hand or by Emma's a lá Ingrid's accidental attack on Helga and that's it — Emma's scared of herself, she's alone, and she's officially vulnerable enough to join Ingrid's new family.

It's a perfect plan — but hopefully Ingrid hasn't forgotten the most important thing about doing business with Rumple:

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC, rumpelgold/Tumblr