Carol's 'The Walking Dead' Timeline Is Confusing

Wait, what did we just see? In the preview for next week's episode of The Walking Dead , we saw Carol with Daryl in a car and also in the woods where Daryl met Michonne two weeks ago, in the scene that ended with that cryptic line of "come on out." I'm lost already. The last time we saw Carol on the AMC series, she was entering Dawn Lerner's hospital on a stretcher. Was "Slabtown" taking place in the future? What happened to Noah? Please tell me Noah's OK. It was hard enough gauging how long time was passing in that Beth-centric episode. Either Father Gabriel's church is closer to Atlanta than I realized, or something is a flashback that I didn't realize.

If Carol was with Daryl the whole time, what did they discover? Did they learn something about the hospital? This is why I'm still sticking to my theory that Noah is with them too, even though we didn't see him in the preview. He could tell them all about Officer Lerner and the hospital and how Beth helped him escape. Maybe we'll see how Carol ended up at the hospital in this episode. If it wasn't a random accident, perhaps it is part of Beth's rescue mission. If anyone was going to volunteer for deep undercover work, it would be Carol Pelletier. Though, considering Carol's past history with abuse, I'm a bit worried about her entering that toxic environment. Hopefully she'll be fine.

Another option is that this is all some kind of flashback and Carol is at the hospital while Daryl approaches Michonne in that cryptic cliffhanger. However, I'm at a loss to think of any time since they left Terminus that hasn't been covered on this show. We'll see.

I am excited to get back to more of the main cast next week. Not that Beth's episode wasn't fascinating. But all this week's episode did was reveal something we've kind of assumed all along, and the only regular players were Glenn and Maggie. It's time we got back to the crew at Father Gabriel's.

Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC