Eugene Reveals his Agenda on 'The Walking Dead'

He admitted it! He finally admitted it! We've suspected all along that Eugene does not know how to cure the Walker virus. Not only did he finally own up to it, but in this week's episode of The Walking Dead Eugene revealed that he's not even a scientist. He's just smart and tricked his way to gain passage to Washington, D.C. That city is seeming more and more like an ideal. This week's Walking Dead focused on Team Abraham, heading to D.C. with Glenn and Maggie in tow. Glenn and Abraham had a few authority clashes, however the most interesting character's choices had to be Eugene. We finally got an explanation for the mullet — he likes it, with a bit of mystery. He was reading H.G. Wells' The Shape of Things to Come. If I remember anything from watching Lost, it's that you should note when fictional characters mention or read books. I also think this may be the most Eugene has ever talked. His technical speeches made him sound a bit like Sheldon Cooper.

While Eugene may have saved the day on the firetruck (which was extra gross), that doesn't excuse the fact that he sabotaged that perfectly fine vehicle earlier in the episode. He admitted this to Tara after getting exposed as voyeur.

His original explanation for sabotaging the bus had to do with a fear that the group would ditch him if he was no longer useful, which was clearly tied to the fact that he's not a scientist. It also reminded me of the doctor that befriended Beth Greene in last week's episode. That doctor killed one of his colleagues because he feared Dawn Lerner would kill him if he was no longer of use. Will Eugene now face his worst fear?

Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC