Brody Returns To 'Homeland,' But Don't Get Too Excited Because Nothing Is What It Seems

Sike. Well, we saw it coming: I mean, as hopeful as we all got on the inside (I shouldn't speak for everyone, but I definitely did) that Brody had returned to Homeland , showrunner Alex Gansa has always been very adamant about the fact that there will be no surprise resurrection for poor Brody. Add that to the fact that we saw Carrie shooting people with a finger gun and screaming at a random security guard who she hallucinated as Quinn after getting her meds swapped out by Dennis Boyd/the ISI, and it was pretty darn clear that whoever she was absolving herself with was categorically not Nicholas Brody.

Who was it then? Well, in just about the creepiest reveal ever, it turned out that Carrie was curled up in the fetal position in the lap of none other than Aasar Khan, who looked very evil indeed in a sharp suit and a high-backed chair, stroking her back like she was the villain standard-issue fluffy white cat.

Still, imagined or no, it looks like Carrie's Brody-hallucination may have been just the catharsis she's been in desperate need of all season — we've watched her both contemplate over drowning her own child and contemplate dropping a 500-lb warhead on her father figure (that's really just the tip of the iceberg), and as she kissed and cried over Brody, she finally said for the first time aloud, "I was willing to let you die." It was a huge moment for the show and the character, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the ripple effect as she comes down from whatever the heck the ISI dosed her with.

Images: Didier Beverel/Showtime