Scott, Kourt & Khloe Play Tennis On 'The Hamptons'

by Kristie Rohwedder

At minute 10 of Sunday night’s Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons , I turned to my boyfriend and said, “This is brutal.” My boyfriend—a fellow Kardashians devotee—raised his eyebrows and said, “I think this is going to be the entire season.” (“This” = “Everybody being at odds.” I just want everyone to get along! More butt splinter scenes, please!) After Kourtney finally let her boyfriend and sister back into the vaycay house (yep, the security guard also ousted Auntie KoKo), they argued about Scott’s club appearance-ing. Kourtney called him a drunk and brought up the Paris trip again. Scott SCREAMED at Kourtney. Both Khloe and I were taken aback by Scott’s screaming. Scott stormed out of the room. Like I said, it was bruuuuuu-taaahhhhl.

Khloe thought both Kourt and Scott could use some one-on-one hang out time with KoKo, so she made that happen. She took Kourtney to Tracy Anderson's gym and hit the tennis courts with Scott. (Gotta admit, I was really disappointed neither pairing ended up at that Buddha-themed froyo shop again.) Khlo bought Lord Disick a cute lil tennis ensemble and everything, because, as the youngest Kardashian sister said, "Scott is all about a good outfit."

However, Kourtney got jealous of all of the "tennisia" and late-night viral video-watching fun. She worried Khloe and Scott were in “a little club.” A No Kourtney Klub that only got in the way of her mending her relationship with Scott. So, Kourtney asked to tag along on tennisia outing number two. And during said tennisia outing, she begrudgingly agreed to operate the ball shooting machine while Khloe and Scott ran around on the court.

Everything changed the moment she realized she could aim the tennis ball gun at the faces of her sister and boyfriend; suddenly, Kourtney was stoked to be on ball gun duty. She proceeded to fire the felt-covered bullets at and over Scott and Khloe's heads. Scott and Khloe were annoyed. Kourtney reveled in their annoyance, and then scampered away from the war zone. She hopped behind the wheel of the SUV and stranded the other two at the court. Yeah, she had a blast blasting fools with tennis balls, but the eldest Kardashian sister was legit mad because she thought Khloe took Scott's side in the Scott/Kourtney conflict. And she was not having that 2 vs. 1 sitch. And Scott and Khloe were not having that ditch sitch.

But all's well that ends well, for that tennis court implosion was the catalyst for a Kourtney/Khloe heart-to-heart AND a Scott/Kourtney heart-to-heart. Khloe said she's 100% Team Kourtney and was shocked her older sister thought otherwise. There was a discussion about shooting tennis balls, er, text messages regarding whether or not Scott's allowed to sleep in Khloe's bed. Khloe said she's trying to figure out the household dynamic, what is and isn't helpful, and so on, and she just wants Kourtney to keep her in the loop.

As for Kourtney and Scott? Well, she told him if he pulled his act together, "I wouldn't have to shoot tennis balls at your face"; he said he wants to be a Toys R Us kid. It sounded like a stalemate, so I was surprised that they agreed to try to get along as best they can. And Kourtney admitted Scott "looked hot on the tennis court."

Y'all. Tennisia saved the day. Kourtney got her aggression out with the ball gun. The tennis court debacle prompted some productive, honest conversations. And Kourtney basked in the beauty that is Scott Disick swinging a racket.

Image: Timothy White/E!