Kourtney Gives Scott The Boot In The Hamptons

Well, Sunday night’s Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons premiere sure ends on a yikes-worthy note: Kourtney boots Scott out of the Hamptons house. He's certainly toned his lifestyle waaaaaaaaay down, but the eldest Kardashian sister makes it very clear in the K&KTTK premiere that she has had it with Lord Disick's love of party. After Kourtney hints at the pre-Kimye wedding Paris trip being less than smooth (read: lots o’ vomit), makes numerous “STOP THE PARTY” pleas, voices her concerns about Scott’s drinking, and vents to Kim on the phone, she brings down the hammer. Hooray for family vaycays!

Let's back up a bit: Day two (or maybe it's three?), Scott tells Kourtney he's booked a club appearance in NYC. Kourtney's pissed. She'd prefer it if he chilled out at the house with her and the kids and the arts and crafts table, thank you very much. She tells him they're on "a different page" about the whole party rock lifestyle. Scott says they were "on the same page eight years ago." Kourtney then tells him he "hasn't evolved," and then calls his behavior "humiliating" and "embarrassing."

And then, she hits him with the warning: If Scott goes into the city, he can stay in the city. Party Scott ain't welcome in that Hamptons home.

Welp, Scott goes to NYC anyway, gets his (relatively tame) party on, and when he returns to the vacation home, a security guard stops him at the edge of the property and is like, "sorry, brah. None shall pass." You were right about that storm, Scott.

Apparently, Scott finds a loophole in whatever the security guards were ordered to do; I guess he can walk onto the property? (Or maybe the security guards really embrace the chill Hamptons lifestyle? Maybe they're just super chill and let Scott pass after he'd been parked in front of the property for fifteen minutes?) (Or maybe Scott pulled some sort of secret agent move and parachuted onto the yard?) He makes his way through the backyard and Kourtney yells down at him from a balcony. They argue about his clubbin'. He says it's his job. She's not having it. She refuses to let him into the house. He asks her if she wants "to be alone with the kids forever.” She says yes. He leaves. AND THAT'S HOW THE EPISODE ENDS. Uff. Da.

Look, these two will work it out (they always do!), but it's never fun to watch 'em fight like that in front of their little ones.

Prediction/hope: Next week, everyone makes up. And then, everyone jumps on that trampoline together for the remaining 45 minutes of the episode.

Image: Timothy White/E!