Nicki Minaj Gave Us a Preview of Her Best Song Yet

On Sunday, Nicki Minaj launched a worldwide takeover. The first step in her plan? Hosting the 2014 MTV European Music Awards. Although Minaj's MTV EMAs promo promised that she would be deemed queen of the world immediately after, everyone is still busy processing her amazing, expletive-heavy performances — especially how she managed to get through that many costume changes without a single malfunction. (It's probably because she's a queen, but that's my own personal bias talking.) However, it shouldn't go without notice that Minaj debuted "Bed of Lies", a brand new song off The Pinkprint, during the EMAs because, quite honestly, it sounds like Minaj's best song yet.

"Bed of Lies" was sneakily sandwiched in the middle of a medley performance that began with "Super Bass" and ended with "Anaconda". It's not like she was hiding it or anything. The music noticeably slowed after "Super Bass" and the spotlight shone on Skylar Grey, seated at a piano and singing the chorus. However, considering "Bed of Lies" came without back-up dancers like "Super Bass" or booty aerobics like "Anaconda", it might have been easy to ignore. And that would be a mistake, because it's absolutely beautiful. Minaj only gave us a verse and the chorus of the song, but that was enough for me to need more, please and thank you.

Let's take that soulful chorus for example.

Do you ever think of me when you lie?Lie down in your bedYour bed of liesAnd I knew better than to look in your eyesThey only pretendYou would be mineOh, how you make me believeYou had me caught in every web that you weavedBut do you ever think of me when you lie?Lie down in your bedYour bed of lies

Excuse me, I'll just be over here sobbing. The words pair well with Grey's soulful voice to make you really feel the pain behind it and when Minaj comes in with her track, that pain only intensifies. With lines like "put you in the crib and you ain't never pay a bill in it / I was killin' it / Now you got me poppin' pills in it" and "they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn", Minaj basically reaches into your chest to grab your heart and squeeze. I can't even imagine what the full song will do to me emotionally.

So far, every song that Minaj has released from The Pinkprint has knocked it out of the ballpark. She displays her amazing rap skills on tracks like "Anaconda" and "Only", then turns around and real talks us all with tracks like "Pills N Potions" and now "Bed of Lies". If you had any concerns about Minaj's career, as a rapper or as a pop star, then the album seems to be addressing them with each new song. Let's just all admit from here on out that Minaj can basically do whatever she wants because she'll slay us every time, okay?

Check out Minaj's full performance below and have a tissue ready for the mood whiplash that "Bed of Lies" will give you.