Lesbian Couple Gets Married in Russia, Making it the First Same Sex Marriage in the Country

In some happy news to start off your week, let's celebrate the marriage of Russian women Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova, who wed last week despite Russia's extremely homophobic and restrictive laws that make gay marriage illegal. Since Shumilova, a trans woman who is currently undergoing therapy, is still listed as male on her passport, the two were officially able to register to get married on that technicality and officials at the wedding didn't try to stop it; in fact, in one photo of the ceremony, both women and an official at the registry are smiling about the happy event.

Though it seems there were no problems caused at the wedding, Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov was so outraged and offended by the act that he has claimed to be in the process of working to undo it. In an interview with BBC, Milonov said the marriage should be annulled because it was "an ugly insult to millions of Russian families in the future" and that "these mad people should be banned altogether from getting married." He also told Russian media that the staff at the registry office should be tried for treason or negligence.

In 2013, Russia passed a law banning propaganda of "non-traditional sexual relationships" to mino rs in an attempt to push back against laws supporting rights and freedoms for LGBTQ+ people. According to the law, propaganda promoting these "non-traditional sexual relationships" can result in fines for up to $30,000 (1 million rubles), and foreigners who promote pro-LGBTQ+ information or sentiment can be imprisoned and deported. So here's hoping, despite these senseless laws, Shumilova, Fursova, and everyone else involved in the marriage can avoid persecution and remain happily married.