This "Surgical Dining" Experience Is Completely Disgusting And Extremely Impressive – PHOTO

Usually when I see images of people eating other people ("usually", like that happens all the time), I immediately think "zombie apocalypse" and head for the woods, but I learned today that there are some forms of cannibalism that are not only socially acceptable, but look a hell of a lot more fun than my Saturday night. Over the weekend, chef James Thomlinson of London Mess teamed up with Miss Cakehead to create the ultimate "Surgical Dining" experience, in which their guests donned scrubs, scrubbed up à la Grey's Anatomy and then entered an operating room wherein lay Bob, the most unfortunate and delicious surgical patient I've ever seen.

Apparently, the diners committed to the experience hardcore. Knives and forks were banned – anything you wanted to eat had to be eaten with an array of surgical tools provided for guests, and all of the food came in some gruesome surgical container, ranging from urine cups filled with vegetables to pill bottles full of candy to a piñata brain dessert. The most boggling of all is the giant human-shaped ribcage propped on top of Bob the patient, who screamed and moaned whenever someone served themselves up a helping of his insides. They even had eerily realistic life-size smart phones made out of cake, although I'm not sure how anybody could quite stomach anything even that innocuous with all of the bloody organs chilling out around you.

The event was put on to promote a new app called the Surgeon Simulator, produced by Bossa Studios, which is every bit as graphic and gross as the dinner. Throughout the event guests were shown how to play the game on their phones, and were told that they could take pictures and hashtag them with #SurgeonDinner. I'm going to be honest, scrolling through those pictures has been very confusing for my digestive system. Gross or awesome? Grawesome? I'll let you decide for yourself: