Mind-Blowing Facts About Trader Joe's

There are many reasons to love Trader Joe’s; affordable prices, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and the fact that everything on its shelves tastes amazing have all helped turn the grocery store chain into an institution beloved by all. That’s why you obviously need to add these fun facts about Trader Joe’s you probably didn’t know to your bank of random trivia immediately. Business Insider — who, you might recall, previously brought us a bunch of facts about Starbucks we definitely didn’t know beforehand — dug deep into the vaults of Trader Joe’s and pulled up nine facts that will blow the cork right off your bottle of Two Buck Chuck. Not only that, but they’ve assembled them all into a handy little video. Wasn’t that thoughtful of them?

The video is especially timely in light of a piece of sobering news that broke this morning; John V. Shields, Jr., who served as Trader Joe’s chief executive from 1988 to 2001, passed away on October 31 in Thousand Oaks, CA at the age of 82. Shields was instrumental in making Trader Joe’s into the wonderful behemoth that it is today; he’ll be missed. Let’s celebrate his legacy by enlightening ourselves with fonts of Trader Joe’s knowledge. And with some Cookie Butter. Because Cookie Butter is the best.

Watch the whole video at Business Insider, and check out a few of my favorite tidbits here:

1. The Return Policy Is Incredibly Forgiving

Just don’t be That Jerk — y’know, the one who eats the entire package of crackers before bringing it back because “you didn’t like them.”

2. Test Drives Are Welcome

Again, though, don’t be That Jerk. Samples are awesome, but eating them all and then not buying anything is kind of gauche.

3. There’s Actually a Real Trader Joe

It’s been owned by Aldi Nord since 1979, but Coulombe remained TJ’s chief executive until he retired in 1988. That’s when John V. Shields, Jr. stepped in.

4. Trader Joe’s Customers Really Like Gingersnaps

Interesting. I had no idea.

5. Look for the Plastic Lobster

No one knows why, but maybe that’s not the point.

6. For Whom the Bell Tolls

One ring means it’s time to open another register; two rings means a cashier needs assistance; and three rings means there’s a disaster going on and a manager is needed.

Head on over to Business Insider for more.

Images: Business Insider (6)