When Does The Final Half-Season of 'Mad Men' Begin? And 16 More Questions About The Show's Conclusion

Since the Mad Men went on hiatus in May, my stomach has been in perpetual knots. When will my (and my mom's) fictional boyfriend Don Draper come back to us? When will Mad Men Season 7 part one return? With no date in site, it feels like never. Until then, we're left with these unanswered questions, piling up at a staggering rate and torturing us on a daily basis.

Images: AMC

Who's going to show up to Bert Cooper's funeral drunk?

Roger? Don? Pete? It’s anyone’s game.

What's going on with Megan and Don's relationship, again?

Are they like… divorced? Are they getting a divorce? I’m getting from there last conversation that it’s over, but it just feels like it’s been over for such a long time. I don’t really need another 10 episodes focusing on their disintegrating marriage.

Can Peggy and Stan happen?

I know she sidelined him a while back, and I know he’s since been saddled up with some miscellaneous secretary, but they have chemistry and I ship it. Alternatively…

If Peggy ends up single, can she still have a fulfilling career?

Because I also ship Peggy and success. And cats.

How many episodes until Sally runs away to San Francisco?

Never to be seen again. I mean, her father is a boozing womanizer and her mom is, you know, Betty. The only thing that’ll help her now is hard drugs.

Will Joan get remarried or embrace her status as a power mom?

Joan still uses sex appeal as leverage, but definitely no longer sees being a married woman as an endgame (her rejection of Bob Benson made that clear, albeit he was gay). Could she patch things up with Roger? Maybe. But I think I’d love to see Joan as a super hot, super cool, super business-oriented power mom. Basically the Lorelai Gilmore of her time, if you will.

Is a Dawn and Shirley spin-off in the works?

They had only quick bits of sharp dialogue in the season, but their dynamic is wonderful, and we could totally use a show with two strong African American protagonists dominating the 1970s.

Will a family of weasels identify Pete as their kin and adopt him?

Trudy’s since abandoned him, and it looked like his relationship with Bonnie was over. Best to go back to his roots.

Are Megan's extensions still firmly stapled to her scalp?

Megan’s extensions are my least favorite non-Pete character on the show, so I hope not.

Oh, and will Megan actually kick the bucket, and if not, then who?

The Megan-as-Sharon-Tate theories have been running rampant for a while now, and simultaneously denied, but will she die? Won’t she? Can’t wait to find out.

Will Ginsberg make a triumphant return from the insane asylum?

I won’t lie to you, it was not looking good for him after the whole nipple incident.

Is all the airplane imagery actually leading anywhere?

Airplanes don’t really have a great rep on this show. A plane killed Pete’s father-and early promos of Season 7 had everyone getting off flights. If anyone else dies, will it be via plane? Or is that too predictable?

What new clients will make or break SCDP?

Or whatever it’s called right now. I’m sure it’s been said before, but doesn’t a Peggy and Virginia Slims combo sound like a match made in heaven?

Can we expect at least one more Trudy cameo?

And can Joel McHale play her new boyfriend? And can he be shirtless, doing manual labor at the house when Pete stops by to pick up Tammy for the weekend? Is that asking too much?

Will Betty ever win that mother-of-the-year award she deserves?

Jokes aside, I actually adore Betty, and it would be cool to have her story arc ending with her showcasing even a smidge of maternal love. Or, better option, embracing a passion that reestablishes her identity as an interesting, cultured woman. Or, third option, a glass of chardonnay and a cigarette.

Just how many women will Don bang before the series end?

And can I be one of them?