Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talks 'Interstellar's Science

by Alanna Bennett

Sitting in a theater on the opening night of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar , a persistent thought poked into my head every time Matthew McConaughey did something kooky in outer space: "What would Neil DeGrasse Tyson think of this?" When you're dealing with black holes and worm holes and other such space stuff, why not ask an actual astrophysicist/cosmologist who tends to love talking about what Hollywood gets right and wrong about science? Now Tyson's finally weighed in on Interstellar — and it's just as, uh, stellar as one could hope.

So what exactly did Interstellar nail and when did it slip away from reality? There's plenty in the movie's fiber that pretty obviously exceeds what we've seen as possible, but it's clear from Tyson's tweeting about the film that he's pretty psyched about a lot of what Interstellar offers up. As CBS This Morning host Gayle King noted, Interstellar's being called "one of the most realistic science fiction films ever." Tyson makes sure to note that he's not interested in people looking to him for opinions on whether or not a movie was good or bad, but what he is interested in is pointing out the scientific elements that Hollywood is engaging with.

You can read Tyson's tweets on Interstellar below. Note that the "Kip" he's talking about is Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist and professor at Caltech who served as an executive producer on the film.

Tyson seemed excited by the representation of scientists in the film:

And noted how Thorne snuck himself in there:

And talks the theories the film explores:

And all the cool (and accurate) stuff we get to see:

Plus the hilarity of that fight:

And understanding the science versus understanding the plot twists:


And he's got some parting wisdom for us all: Stay away from Black Holes:

Will. Do.

If you'd rather hear and see Tyson explain these things, here's his interview with CBS This Morning.

Image: Paramount