Facebook Now Lets You Mix Up Your News Feed

by Suzanne Samin

There are few things more annoying than skimming through your Facebook News Feed, only to find a bunch of content you couldn't care less about. Whether it's that one annoying cousin who over-shares or that girl from high school you have no idea why you're still friends with, there's some stuff you'd rather not be subjected to on a daily basis. Thankfully, on Friday, Nov. 7, Facebook unveiled news feed management options that will help you make your news feed more organized and relevant to your interests.

The first new feature is a breakdown of whose content you see the most and why. Facebook will put together weekly reports of the people, groups, and pages you hear from the most. This way you can confirm if you're just crazy, or if you are in fact being constantly spammed by cousin Donna's Outfits Of The Day while your BFF's Instagrams of her super adorable new puppy are nowhere to be found.

But wait, there's more! Even cooler than the breakdown is that you'll be able to pick and choose who shows up the most, so you'll never have to hate-scroll through reams of Brittany's unnaturally perfect selfies (unless you want to).

You can also choose to see less from a person if you hide their post from your feed. This is a particularly good feature for when someone starts getting annoying during football or election season. If you choose to see less from someone, you'll also get the option to hide them altogether if their content really bothers you.

The new settings are a good step towards making social media less inconvenient or down right annoying to use. It's kind of exhausting being subjected to endless networking and content, but at least now you can choose which content you're bombarding with. They can also help you use Facebook for what it's really for: keeping in touch with people you care about, no matter how much distance is between you.

According to their post on the Facebook news portal, the new menu of news feed settings became available starting Nov. 7 for desktop and mobile. The new options for hiding stories also became available on Nov. 7 for desktop, and it will be coming to mobile in the next few weeks. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to deal with a certain annoying cousin...

Images: Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr/SimonQ錫濛譙