This Tiny Bird Makes Sounds Exactly Like R2D2 Which Is Clearly What We Need In The World – VIDEO

Do you love birds AND Star Wars? Well, do I have a treat in store for you! (If you aren't picturing me dressed up as a low-budget Darth Vader while you read this, you are doing yourself a tragic disservice.) A couple of bird owners taught one of their pet parakeets (read: adorable, fluffy, and dangerously squeeze-worthy birds) how to imitate R2D2's beeps, blurts, chirps, and electronic squeals. It's pretty damn adorable. Though I gotta say, much as I love Star Wars, the first thing that would happen once I taught a Budgie how to imitate R2 would be his immediate re-homing in the domicile of one of my greatest enemies. Because, yeah, Star Wars is awesome, but a bird who won't start doing his best 'droid impression kind of sounds like one of the lesser rings of Dante's inferno. You know, right after getting stuck on an elevator with Anne Hathaway.

I have always wanted a talking bird as a pet. My aunt used to have an African Gray parrot (appropriately named Gracie) and it used to do this hilarious impression of my Uncle Phil. (No, not the Uncle Phil, who unfortunately was not my Uncle Phil.) Admittedly, I might have just found it funny to hear a girl parrot speak in the deep voice of a Welshman, but one never knows. I'd given up on owning birds once I adopted cats, but I gotta say that this video has me rethinking this scheme. Maybe I should adopt several parrots, make them all watch "Seinfeld" and adopt each character's voice so that I might have instant auditory re-runs of the country's greatest sitcom at my disposable wherever I wish. That said, don't most parrots live for an insanely long amount of time? I don't think I could stomach staring at a bird that spoke like Kramer with the knowledge that it would probably outlive me. That shit just got dark, yo.

Image: Carli Jeffrey/YouTube