How To Recreate Anna Wintour's Chic Office Decor

by Alexa Tucker

In case you haven't heard, Condé Nast has officially begun its move to One World Trade Center. More importantly, that means the queen bee of the magazine publishing company is having to move from her storied space at Condé's 4 Times Square headquarters. Vogue's European editor-at-large Hamish Bowles shared a photo today of editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's new office in the famed building, and it looks like her next space will stay true to her fabulous former decor.

That's kind of what I like about Anna Wintour — although she's a visionary in the fashion industry, she sticks with what works for her. Seriously, the woman still has a flip phone. I get the vibe that Wintour is a creature of intense habit. Maybe this is the bias from my love of The Devil Wears Prada talking, but I feel like Wintour gets in at the same time every day, is greeted with the same Starbucks coffee, eats the same lunch at the same time, and has her driver pick her up at promptly 6 p.m. each evening. Hey, why mess with obvious perfection?

Wintour's modern-meets-cozy workspace is primed for creativity, so really, maybe the office is what's actually behind the genius of the fashion bible. Take a look at the old office...

...And the new office.

Interested in recreating? Same here. Maybe I will someday be as successful as Ms. Wintour if I copy her office decor. Logic.

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Images: Instagram/@lavisdecor, @spiceyfe, @hamishbowles; courtesy manufacturers