How Will Twisty Return To 'AHS: Freak Show'?

by Kaitlin Reilly

Ryan Murphy, you sneaky little liar. After announcing that all of the deaths on American Horror Story: Freak Show would be permanent, creator Murphy did something particularly shocking — he killed off the season's first "big bad," Twisty the Clown. Or at least it would be shocking, had the death actually stuck. According to Murphy, Twisty will make a "triumphant return" to Freak Show, which is tricky considering he was stabbed to death by the ghoulish Edward Mordrake (who is also set to return) at the end of "Edward Mordrake Part II." Yep, it looks like no one is safe from anything on American Horror Story, and that includes the lies told by the series' creator.

Not that I'm complaining — I was particularly displeased to see Twisty get booted off the series so early on, even after Naomi Grossman (Pepper) revealed that many of the season's big names would be offed before the halfway mark. (RIP, Patti LaBelle.) Twisty went from silent, maniacal killer to a a more human figure (albeit a terrifying one) in his last episode occupying the land of the living. So now the question is — how will he return to the series? His "triumphant return" will certainly have to do with the supernatural figure Edward Mordrake, but it may have to do with some of the other so-called "freaks" as well.

Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that Twisty would return alongside Mordrake. As we know, Mordrake claims the life of one "freak" from a freak show if they perform a show on Halloween night. Mordrake (and his demon head) needed a freak to take with him to hell, and conducted interviews with the cast of the show in order to find out whose heart was the most heavy with sin and sorrow. Elsa Mars practically had her suitcase packed when Mordrake heard Twisty, whose own story was particularly heartbreaking — he was just a regular circus clown when jealous "freaks" had him chased by the cops for made-up accusations of child molestation. It ruined his career and made him an outsider, which led to Twisty attempting suicide by shotgun. He didn't die, but blew off half his face, hence the horrifying mask.

There's one way we could see Twisty return from hell, and that's the way he went — on Halloween, with Edward Mordrake. It wouldn't be unusual for American Horror Story to do a time jump at some point over the course of the season, most likely in the last few episodes. That's what occurred in Asylum and Coven — the series jumped ahead to see the characters in the future. What if Twisty's return to American Horror Story happened the following Halloween, or even several Halloweens into the future when the freaks dared to perform on the holiday? Right now, the top of the list is none other than Mordrake's demon face's second choice, Elsa Mars.

If Twisty and Mordrake do return to claim the life of a freak, it's got to be Elsa, right? She's not exactly happy, and she's done quite a lot to hurt people over the years. She just sold Bette and Dot — two people she claimed to care for like family — to a freakin' serial killer out of jealousy. If something happens to either of the women at the hands of killer Dandy Mott, that's on Elsa's head — and it might be enough of a reason for her to join Twisty and Mordrake in hell.

We might not see Twisty for a while, but when he comes back, I hope he brings the scares. After all, what's scarier than a killer clown if not a killer clown whose sole purpose is to find a soul to suck down into hell with him? This is some horrifying stuff that fans could totally get behind. Elsa should watch her back.

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