Rafael Made A Big Decision On 'Jane The Virgin'

From the very beginning of the season, it felt like it was only a matter of time until Rafael and Jane got together on Jane The Virgin . Michael — Jane's current fiancee and the detective looking into the murder(s) at Rafael's hotel — continuously did things behind Jane's back that felt super shady. Petra — Rafael's cheating wife — was just terrible. So, you didn't really want either of them to be with their current partners, and since Jane is pregnant with Rafael's baby, it seemed like they were bound to get together. Well, on Monday's episode, Rafael took a major step into making that happen, when he asked Petra to sign divorce papers.

Earlier in the season, Rafael and Petra — along with Michael — tried to hide the fact that Rafael and Petra were not the happy expecting couple that they seemed to be on the outside. If Jane knew that, she wouldn't have been so keen on having the baby. But, Rafael decided to tell her that he plans on divorcing Petra, but, he would like to still raise the baby. And Jane was semi OK with it (she didn't completely freak out is what semi OK means).

There was a moment when it looked like Petra might have changed Rafael's mind. We learned that the two of them had been expecting before, but Petra suffered a miscarriage. After reconnecting with that memory of how they used to be, the two of them shared a passionate embrace — but that's it.

So what does this mean for Jane? Well, she told Rafael that she (and Michael) aren't going to just walk away from the baby once he or she is born. Rafael says he will fight for custody, but once again, was semi OK with it. Of course, Rafael is less than pleased that Michael will be involved in the baby's life — these two just really hate each other.

As for Petra, she wasn't too eager to sign the divorce papers, so her mom came up with a plan that will get her more than the $250,000 she is obligated to get if she and Rafael divorce. How does her mom go about this? By punching Petra in the eye, of course. This could mean a lot for the future of the plot. First, Petra blames Rafael so he will get into legal trouble. Secondly, if Jane believes that Rafael hit Petra, Rafael might lose all of his custody of the baby. Thirdly, it means Petra is going to stay around longer and we will learn more about her shady past.

Images: Danny Feld/The CW; Greg Gayne/The CW