Fox News' Megyn Kelly Replaces Mike Huckabee's Name With The F-Bomb — VIDEO

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly spiced up her broadcast Monday night with a word that, while popular off-camera, doesn't always go over so well with the Federal Communications Commission. When introducing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Kelly pretty much dropped the F-bomb in the most appropriate place possible. That's right — she said, "Fuckabee." Even the former governor, current right-wing pundit couldn't help but smile at the beauty of the slip-up.

Kelly brought Huckabee onto her show, The Kelly Files, for a segment on — what else? — President Barack Obama, the midterm elections and those pesky Republicans in Congress. Although Kelly was able to get through one "Huckabee" without letting out an expletive, the second one got her a little tongue-tied:

Joining me now is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, the host of 'Fuck-a' of 'Huckabee,' right here on the Fox News Channel.

Kelly rebounded from the cussing gaffe extremely well — if she was internally freaking out, wondering how much the FCC would chew her out for this, we couldn't notice. Huckabee, however, seemed to enjoy the moment, suppressing a small smirk. Maybe a title change for his show is in order?

Here's a clip of the F-bomb eff-up...

Unfortunately for Kelly, Fox News viewers picked up on the salacious flub and took to Twitter, because what else do you do when a public figure messes up on television? Many fans were endeared by her perfectly placed F-bomb to not really give a, well, you know. According to The Daily Mail, one Twitter follower named Sean told Kelly: "Megyn you’re a delight to watch and gave a stoic performance after your slip up with Governor Huckabee’s name."

Kelly eventually addressed the gaffe later on in her show, responding to Sean on-air: "I thought I was stoic too – I have a heart of a 12 year old boy."

Image: screenshot/YouTube