Who Was the First to go Home on 'Queen Bee'?

by Kadeen Griffiths

I hope you've been following Queen Bee because things have just gotten intense on the Shark Tank-like web series. Last Tuesday, Ora.tv's Queen Bee set a challenge before our three female entrepreneurs that each of them struggled with in various ways. Sure, one of the girls — Sugar Kiss Bake Shop’s Gabriella Pullano — seemed to be struggling the least of the three contestants, but there was still no doubt that this task was far from easy for the girls. This Tuesday's Queen Bee shows the results of those struggles and says goodbye to one of our aspiring Bees, leaving two girls in the running for the crown and for the prize money to get their business off the ground.

From the start, it was clear who was actually trying and who had given up before they even arrived to present. The girl that the judges chose to eliminate definitely deserved to go home, mainly due to a lack of preparation. At least, that was the reason that was given by the judges for why her presentation had fallen flat, but personally I think it's more than that. It came across to me like this girl didn't try as hard as the other competitors and, thus, like this girl didn't deserve to win the prize the way the other competitors did. After all, you don't get to become Queen Bee by giving up.

The judges' advice can only go so far. The rest has to come from the girls meeting them halfway and incorporating their suggestions — which the eliminated girl completely failed to do in a pretty obvious way. Then again, maybe I'm just being overly judgmental. After all, in the last few episodes, our eliminated contestant gained a lot of skill and insight that she can apply into her business in the future if she chooses to.

However, the two remaining girls definitely make it difficult to guess which one of them is going to end up being the Queen Bee. It will all come down to which one of them handles the next challenge the best because right now they're both neck-and-neck as far as skill goes. Check out this week's episode of Queen Bee below.

Image: Ora.tv