'Interview with the Vampire' Turns 20 & Here's A Definitive Ranking Of Its Hairstyles

Let's talk about vampires, baby. Somehow, Hollywood's obsession with vampires that's been going on since True Blood premiered on HBO, has managed to stay strong. Probably because vampires have become some of the most attractive creatures created for film and TV. And, do you know which vampire film we all have to thank for that? Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise's turn as the undead in Interview with the Vampire , is 20 years old this month. And if you were wondering how Damon and Stefan Salvatore and Edward Cullen got their reputation for having incredible hair, along with their good looks, you should look no further than the Anne Rice book-turned-film from 1994.

Now, don't get the idea that Interview with the Vampire is a glamour project about vampires. Because the film didn't get close to showing its vampires — Pitt's Louis, Cruise's Lestat, and a young Kirsten Dunst's Claudia — in their most perfect and glamorous light. In fact, Interview with the Vampire made a point to focus on the darker aspects of being an immortal. But that doesn't mean the sheer otherworldliness of their hairstyles was lost on us. If we're being completely honest here, I didn't buy Interview with the Vampire on DVD in high school because I wanted to watch Pitt's long, flowing hair for two hours, but it's definitely part of the reason why I still watch the film at least once a year. (I'm still contemplating getting a perm because Claudia's curls are that magical.)

So, while we've got the Anne Rice-inspired film on the brain — even if 20 years is such a small frame of time in the eyes of Lestat and Louis — here's a definitive ranking of Interview with the Vampire's hairstyles because Louis' perfect low-ponytail cannot be ignored.

#8: Daniel Malloy's Hair

OK, he's not a vampire. But without him, we never would've heard Louis' story and we never would've had Interview with the Vampire. Maybe he'd be higher on this list if he also was rocking perm-like curls.

#7: Claudia's Up-Do

I don't know why anyone would contain Claudia's curls like this, which is why this style is at the bottom of the list.

#6: Lestat's Ponytail

I get a weird vibe from Lestat's ponytail, especially with its fancy little bow holder. But it takes skill to get your ponytail at the perfect resistance to retain the curly look of your hair. Props, Lestat, props.

#5: Armand's Long Locks

I have a lot of feelings about Antonio Banderas' Interview with the Vampire hair and most of them stem from jealousy that my hair will never be that thick and luscious. Where long locks are concerned, Armand has them on lock.

#4: Lestat's Wavy Lob

Lestat knew that the long bob was going to come back into style someday, so he rocked the hell out of it. The face-framing waves and flawless color really sold me on this style.

#3: Louis' Modern-Day Low Ponytail

It's so sleek, it's got perfect volume at the root. Louis wasn't going to give up his long locks, so he figured out the perfect style to make them modern. Move over, man buns, I see the long, low man-pony coming back.

#2: Claudia's Crazy Curls

Obviously this is her reaction to that up-do — just kidding. In all seriousness, however, Claudia's curls were truly one of this film's biggest stars. I mean, just look at them.

#1: Louis' Flowing Locks

If you're looking for a reason to live today, you'll find it in Louis' hair.

Images: Warner Bros. (9)