What Are the 41 Collectibles in Taylor's Game?

When I heard Taylor Swift released an iPhone game I had no idea I'd devote three straight hours to it because it's really, really difficult. The point of the American Express Unstaged Taylor Swift Blank Space Experience App (who named this because they're terrible) is to collect 41 different objects to unlock a special video. 41 objects sounds like no big deal until you've spent hours tapping tables, clocks, paintings, and random spots on the wall in a giant mansion hoping one will unlock something.

Fortunately for you, though, I did all the dirty work (along with Bustle's Kadeen Griffiths) and compiled a list of what the 41 collectibles are and where exactly you can find them. I even separated them by room to help you in your search. (Basically I never want anyone to go through what I went through to try to find them all the first time.)

Even with the list, it's a hard task. The final collectible requires a seven step process. But though it may seem like a lot of work now, trust me, the prize at the end is totally worth it. I'll give you a hint: it's a baby Taylor Swift home video. I know, you're dying to see it now, right? Well get searching and good luck!


Enter through the door at the top of the entrance hall to access the dining room where you'll find a plethora of collectibles like these:

#22 - Click the red curtain to reveal the three portraits of her previous lovers that she defaced.

#23 through #25 - Tap each portrait for an individual reward.

#29 - On the left hand table in the back of the room is a pair of opera glasses to tap.

#30 - First find the glasses and then click the to see a video of an in-love Taylor.

#31 - During the second half of the song when things go badly, click the opera glasses in the dining room again and there's a new video of her dropping the phone in the fountain.

#32 - Above the fireplace, click the gold decoration up near the ceiling. (It's above the MLXXXIX from collectible #35).

#33 - Tap the portrait of Sean O'Pry next to the fire place. You have to wait until a butler moves it from the art room into the dining room.

#34 - Click the fireplace to see a tabloid burning.

#35 - Click the wall above the fireplace between the two lamps to unlock the MLXXXIX decoration. (I think she wanted the roman numerals to equal 1989, but it's actual 1089. Whoops!)

#36 - A chair that has "Olivia" carved into it with claw marks is to the left of the fireplace.

#37 - Next to the door you enter the dining room through there’s a gold grate, click on it and it reveals an organ.


You'll find this small room through the curtained door in the dining room. In it you'll discover these collectibles:

#1 - Her art supplies on a table by the easel.

#2 - "1989" crown moulding is on the ceiling. Unlock it by clicking on one of the four corners of the ceiling. click one of the four corners of the ceiling.

#3 - Click on the grandfather clock to unlock (what else) a clock object.

#4 - After the Sean O'Pry picture is removed, it's replaced by small cat picture on the easel. Click it to receive the reward.

#5 - Tap the blue box on the chair to get this object.

#6 - Click the dresser between the chair and the clock to get the record player and an album of Marjorie Finlay. (She's an opera singer and Swift's grandma!)


Go through the brown door in the art room to access the study. It's also the room where Swift and O'Pry fight and you can find these collectibles there:

#7 - A closed piano/desk type thing with sheets of lyrics on it. It's on the right wall near the piano.

#8 - When Taylor is in the easel room click the table with her journal (it's in front of two red chairs.) Now it says "Blank Space" with a hangman game instead of "GR+TS"

#9 - A journal open to a page that says "GR+TS" in a heart.

#10 - Click the map at the far end of the room to unlock a map full of polaroid pictures.

#11 through #17 - Click each individual polaroid to get them as collectibles

#18 - The desk at the far end of the room in front of the window houses the lyrics to "Blank Space" and it's another collectible.

#19 - Click Sean's cell phone on the chair by the coffee table WHILE they’re having the fight. You'll see Sean set it down there after Swift yells at him.

#20 - Click the piano (which has real playable keys).

#21 - Tap the radio on the table to the right of the fireplace.

#26 - Click the window with all the light streaming in and you'll unlock a video of a man cutting the flowers outside.


Access this room through the secret door in the art room. It's next to the brown door on the right. Once inside, find these collectibles:

#38 - A journal with a cat paw on it is on the mantel of the fireplace.

#39 - Tap to open the journal and get some cute cat pictures.

#40 - The dresser by the door has another collectible on it. It's a TV and a picture of Swift with Sean O'Pry.


Go through the open door of the bedroom to the hallway where Swift sang with that random goat. Here you'll find two collectibles.

#27 - A baby picture of Swift and a picture of trees which is on the table near the door.

#28 - The roses in front of a mirror on the table by the stairs is another collectible.


As if finding 40 objects wasn't hard enough, getting the final collectible is a seven step process that is extremely hard to complete during the length of the song. Collect all the other things first and then restart the song because you'll need all the time you can get with this one. Tumblr user Official Taylor Nation created a really helpful tutorial to follow to receive your special prize. Here's a brief summary of the steps:

Step #1 - In the main entrance click the radio next to the couch. Tap and hold the dial to tune the radio to "1989" and you'll unlock the next hint.

Step #2 - Go to the study and click the piano, then play the keys the picture highlighted "C, E, A, G" which are located here on a piano:

That will unlock this music sheet with the keyword "type" on it.

Step #3 - Click the desk/closed piano right next to the piano on the right side of the room. It will have a typewriter on it which you should click and then tap the letters to spell "name." (It's a play on the lyrics, "I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name.") That opens a drawer with some rose petals in it.

Step #4 - Go back to the hallway with the roses on the table by the stairs. Then click the pile of scraps to the left of the roses and it unlocks an empty frame. You have to put the pieces together to form the picture below.

Step #5 - Go back to the dining room (where O'Pry is standing) and click the section of the wall next to the door that reveals the organ. Then click the words "magic, madness, heaven, sin" in order to unlock this image.

Step #6 - Go back to the art room and click the chair with the blue box on it. It will open and reveal a key.

Step #7 - Go back to the main entrance and click the radio to unlock it with the key and you'll get the charming video of baby Taylor Swift!

Just remember: you have to complete all seven steps during the length of one song. So if you haven't completed the task and the song runs out, you have to start from scratch. But like I said, the prize is pretty worth it and the game is free, so why not spend a little time tapping objects in a mansion while Swift dances around you? Word to the wise though: if you want to still like "Blank Space" at the end of all this, play the game on mute or you'll start to associate frustration with the song. That's no good because it'll make you feel like this and want to stab a cake, or something.

Images: Yahoo! (5); American Express Unstaged (7); tyquinn; perezhilton