Report Has New Terrifying Findings About Rape

The United Nations just put out some seriously disturbing statistics.

Based on a survey of ten thousand men from six countries in Asia, the UN has found that almost 25 percent of men admit to having raped a woman. Of those who admitted to rape, just under half were repeat offenders.

That's sickening.

The statistics varied across countries. In Papua New Guinea, 60 percent of men said that they had raped a woman. For China, Cambodia and Indonesia, the number admitting to the crime was between 20 percent and 50 percent. In less urban areas of Bangladesh the number was less than one in 10.

The survey was meant to explore violence against women and the reasons behind in within Asian countries.

Nearly 75 percent of men reportedly committed rapes because they felt "sexually entitled".

What does that mean? According to the report's author, Dr. Emma Fulu, "They believed they had the right to have sex with the woman regardless of consent."

Men were asked questions like:

Have you ever had sex with your partner when you knew she didn't want to but you thought she should agree because she's your wife/ partner?


Have you ever had sex with a woman or girl when she was too drunk or drugged to say whether she wanted it or not?

While feelings of entitlement ranked as the number one reason that men in Asia admitted to violating women, the second and third most cited reasons were much more straightforward. According to the research, men said that the second most common reason for raping a woman was that "as a form of entertainment, so for fun or because they were bored."

And the third most common reason for sexually assaulting a woman? Men said sometimes they did it to punish women, or because they were angry.

The study found that men who had been victims of abuse were more likely to abuse themselves. It also revealed that men started raping women at a fairly young age. More than half of those who raped a woman who was not their partner started doing so during adolescence.

The report comes as more scrutiny is placed on Asia for its treatment and mistreatment of women, including two recent cases of gang rape in Delhi and Mumbai.

But don't think we're so different here in the United States: an estimated 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, right at home.