17 Deep, Dark Emo Muses From Lelaina Pierce to Donnie Darko

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If I were to go back to high school today, I would probably feel like Channing Tatum trying to figure out the cliques in 21 Jump Street. I would likely recognize a few social groups, and then be utterly bewildered by the rest. These times, they are a changin'. When I was in high school many moons ago (about 4,000), I was what you might call a little "emo." Meaning, I listened to sad music, wore black t-shirts from my favorite bands, and spent all of my money on concert tickets. Now, at the time I HATED being called such — I was no conformist! I wasn't trying to fit into some Manic Panic stereotype! Oh... who am I kidding? I desperately wanted to fit in and have some sort of identity because high school was hard, my friends were into it, and it made me feel poetic.

I took to bands like Saves the Day and Taking Back Sunday, I shopped at Pac Sun and Hot Topic where I filled my wardrobe with many studded and checkered items. I looked to my favorite movies and TV shows for characters who displayed the sort of distaste for the norm that my big mushy heart ached for. I had a lot of feelings.

If you were anything like me, you probably looked at the following list of emo muses for fashion tips, hints on ways to express your tortured soul, and inspiration for your Live Journal pages. Try not to cry.

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