Pat Sajak's 'Wheel of Fortune' Meltdown Is Not His Worst, But It Is His Funniest — VIDEO

I guess as far as Pat Sajak meltdowns go, this isn't on the level of terribleness that any previous Twitter rants he's gone on about the LGBTQ community or climate change are — it's just pretty hilarious. During an episode of Wheel of Fortune , Pat Sajak just about lost it after two contestants guessed ridiculous answers to a near-unsolvable puzzle, only to end up actually walking off stage after answer number 2. To be fair, he has hosted the syndicated series since 1983, so it's no surprise he'd be a little bit...on edge.

During the clip, contestants (along with their best friends, as the show was hosting it's "Best Friends week") were only able to pick out the letters "N" and "G" from a four-word, 17-letter puzzle. In a last ditch attempt at solving it, one contestant yelled out a sentence that, all things considered, did fit the puzzle and it's category despite it's ridiculousness: "Riding a brown horse."

When the puzzle moved on to the next contestant, however, their answer was even weirder: "Riding a white horse!"

Sajak's reaction is pretty priceless, especially his exasperated exclamation to the two contestants' guessing skills. Man, if stuff like this happened during every episode of Wheel of Fortune, maybe I would actually be compelled to start watching Wheel of Fortune.

Image: YouTube