Is Tom Hiddleston Dating Anyone? He’s Been Spotted On the Town With Some Lovely Ladies

Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can breathe now: Tom Hiddleston is most likely single — at least, that's what our Hiddleston Department here at Bustle uncovered after extensive research. (Note: Not a real thing, but should totally be a real thing. Pitching it to our editors ASAP.) But just because the Thor actor is most likely unattached doesn't mean he always was. Hiddleston is notoriously private about his love life, but he has been spotted with quite a few women over the years. Can you guess which lucky ladies were spotted out with Tom Hiddleston? Click through to reveal which women may have scored a date with your celebrity crush. 

Lady Friend #1

Hiddleston was spotted getting cozy with this co-star in 2010. Can you guess which sassy “broke” brunette he was seen with? 

Kat Dennings

According to E!, Hiddleston dated his Thor co-star Kat Dennings briefly in 2010. They fizzled out before the film premiered, but appeared super cozy at ComicCon while promoting the superhero flick. 

Lady Friend #2

Hiddleston dated this actress for almost two years. Can you guess which up and coming actress stole Hiddleston’s heart? 

Susannah Fielding

Fielding and Hiddleston dated from 2009 to 2011 before calling it quits.

Lady Friend #3

Rumors swirled that Hiddleston was dating his War Horse co-star in 2013. Can you guess which red-haired actress wooed the actor? 

Jessica Chastain

The Daily Mail reported that Chastain and Hiddleston were “dating seriously” in early 2013, despite Chastain’s alleged “no dating actors” rule. The relationship (if there was one) returned to friendship by 2014, when Chastain began seeing executive Gian Luca Pasi de Preposulo. Hiddleston and Chastain will star together in the upcoming Crimson Park. 

Lady Friend #4

Hiddleston was spotted with this executive at Wimbledon in 2013. Can you guess which fashion magazine editor hung out with Hiddleston? 

Jane Arthy

According to The Daily Mail, it was Elle UK editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy who outed this alleged couple via Twitter when she sat next to them at Wimbledon.

Lady Friend #5

Hiddleston was spotted hanging out with this actress in 2013 — and she happened to co-star on TV with his good buddy, Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Lara Pulver

Though she was credited at the time as a “mystery woman,” Hiddleston was actually spotted out on the town with Sherlock actress Pulver in 2013. However, it appears that the alleged “couple” is nothing more than friends. 

Lady Friend #6

Okay, okay, this guy is hardly a “lady friend.” But we can’t help it if fanfiction writers wish desperately that this couple were a real thing. 

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sorry, guys, it’s not romance, but the bromance between Cumberbatch and Hiddleston is downright adorable.