'Fresh Prince' Had a Mini-Reunion!

It's official: '90s nostalgia has hit it's peak. During the taping of a recent episode of Dancing With the Stars — on which Alfonso Ribeiro is a contestant this season — a few members of Fresh Prince of Bel Air 's Banks family had a mini-reunion on set, and, of course, it was EVERYTHING.

Featuring Carlton, Hilary, Ashley, and Geoffrey — ahem, I mean, Ribeiro, Karyn Parsons, Tatyana Ali, and Joseph Marcell — the picture is pretty much enough to make any Fresh Prince of Bel Air superfan's heart explode from it's sheer awesomeness. I mean, it's the Banks family! Speaking as someone who still obsessively watches the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reruns that seem to be perpetually airing on television, this is pretty much the best '90s sitcom cast reunion yet (sorry, Friendsbring Ross to a reunion and then we'll talk).

Sadly, a few members of the cast were missing from the mini-reunion: Will Smith, of course — though to be fair, he's currently in Pittsburgh shooting a movie, so he has an excuse — Daphne Reid, who portrayed family matriarch Vivian Banks during the latter half of the series (taking on the role of Janet Hubert, who portrayed Vivian during the beginning of the series), and Philip Banks himself, James Avery, who tragically passed away after experiencing complications from open heart surgery in 2013. There's no doubt a bit of a shadow past over this mini-reunion due to their — especially Avery's — absence, but it's still wonderful to see the cast staying close and supporting each other so many years after the show ended.

According to Us Weekly, Ribeiro revealed during the mini-reunion that the cast often keeps in touch, saying: "Just having [all of] them here was wonderful. They're family to me. They'll always be family."

You can check out the photo of the reunion below.

Image: Warner Bros. Television