I Have 42 Questions About 'Interstellar'

by Alanna Bennett

Warning: Spoilers abound. As far as space-set epics go, Interstellar is definitely making its mark. It's orbiting (I'm so sorry) around movie theaters as we speak, its Christopher Nolany goodness wowing audiences all over the place. But I've got some questions. I think it's fair to say that a lot of us have some questions.

Interstellar is a twisty movie, and one that delves into big questions about science, love, family, trust, and the emotional limits of Matt Damon. That's led to some plot holes, and it's also led to these questions.

  1. What was NASA/Michael Caine planning to do if Matthew McConaughey's Cooper hadn't stumbled onto their weird hidden compound and accept his mission to save the world?
  2. Were they gonna call him anyway or???
  3. And why were they so willing to accept that this man was sent to them by the hidden gravity messages etched in dust by beings they couldn't identify?
  4. Why did this movie need to be three hours long?
  5. Why did Cooper love his son so much less than he loved his daughter?
  6. How many hours did Cooper lay in the sun to get that tan?
  7. Did Nolan take a page out of JK Rowling's book(s) with those whole "love transcends everything we know" thing?
  8. For real though, why didn't Cooper even ask about his son when he was finally reunited with his daughter? (He was the only one who believed in you all along, Coop!)
  9. If Murphy was the most important part of this entire movie than why was she absent for so long in the middle there?
  10. How did Murph get all of humanity onto that giant spaceship when the time came?
  11. But seriously, was NASA just sitting there waiting for dust gravity to lead a qualified pilot their way?
  12. How much psychological damage did David Gyasi's Romilly suffer in the 23 years he waited for Cooper and Anne Hathaway's Brand to come back? That's its own Gravity right there.
  13. If Coop and Brand can receive video messages from their Earth-bound loved ones, then why couldn't they send back even one tiny message assuring Coop's kids that he was alive and didn't abandon them and the rest of humanity to starve and die?
  14. I get that he was lonely and all, but why was Matt Damon's character such a d*ck?
  15. How bitter was Wes Bentley that he had die so early in the movie?
  16. What's the college system like in a world that only wants farmers?
  17. Did Murphy even go through a college system or was she just taught by Michael Caine? <img src="http://lovelace-media.imgix.net/uploads/76/60331260-4c11-0132-0b2b-0eae5eefacd9.png?w=320"/>
  18. How did Cooper/Murphy know that Edmunds was dead and Brand was all alone on that planet?
  19. If Murphy did know Brand was all alone on that planet setting things up for the future of humanity, why didn't she bring humanity there?
  20. Did Cooper emotionally prepare himself for the chance that he'd show up to that planet and be Brand and Edmunds' third wheel?
  21. Did Matt Damon's character really not have any better solutions after so many years alone than to get into a fist-fight with Cooper?
  22. What did things look like on Earth when all of this was happening? What was the crime rate like in this version of the future?
  23. Is this all secretly somehow a prequel to Zenon: Girl Of the 21st Century.
  24. Was it really wise to mess around with so many black holes like that?
  25. What was Topher Grace's character's exact job title?
  26. What was the "science" behind the equation that saved humanity?
  27. And what led humanity to start side-eyeing science so hard that their schools erased the moon landing?
  28. Like what went down with the Soviets there?
  29. On that note, what happened with the country system once the blight started hitting?
  30. What was Murphy's life as a national hero like after so many years of deep familial pain?
  31. What happened to all the animals other than humans?
  32. Were all the humans vegetarians at that point or were there just no animals left?
  33. And were those animals dead by the time the movie picks up, or did they die when humans left Earth? Or were they just fine?
  34. How many people did that giant space station fit and how? Did they leave anybody behind?
  35. Do you think Coop's son knew deep down that his father didn't love him as much as he loved his sister?
  36. What's up with all the humanity not in North America?
  37. Were there any Hunger Games-style scenarios going on in this society? I feel like there probably were.
  38. Where did that giant space station that fit all of humanity come from?? Was that there all along?
  39. Did that space station come with enough crops to feed all of humanity for the ~100 years between when Murphy saved them all and when Coop reunited with them?
  41. Wouldn't it have been easier to let the robots do a lot of this work????
  42. I know they don't fear death but really??????

Images: Paramount Pictures [2]