Who Is Jax's Ex-Girlfriend Carmen?

by Arielle Dachille

Ah, Carmen. We hardly knew ye. Last night on Vanderpump Rules, Jax ended yet another relationship with another girl whose name he has eternally branded in ink on his person. I'm referring, of course, to 23-year-old Carmen, girlfriend number one of Jax's two girlfriends on the show. Before we bid adieu to the lovely young lady who lasted barely a fortnight in SUR-bian territory, let's just try to get to know her a little. Who is Vanderpump Rules' Carmen Dickman, really? What ignites her soul? What makes her tick? And what was she doing with this clown?

Carmen pithily sums herself up in her Twitter bio: "Cali girl with a Canadian Heart. Work for Probably the Best Site in the World. Dogs are everything." Just to clarify, she isn’t an LA native who got a Canadian heart transplant, as this summary may indicate. She is indeed from a small town in Canada called Saskatchewan, and moved to LA for law school. To supplement her life hitting the books, Dickman models for a humor website called The Chive. Dickman, under the title of "Chivette," is essentially a brand ambassador/scantily-clad hype girl who works the various conventions held by the website around the U.S. That's her on the left...

Here she is on another day at the office.

Her workplace dresses up for Halloween.

Sometimes, this happens, which definitely would not fly in a normal office.

She posts many pictures of her posterior on Instagram.

Uhh... I think I have a hunch I know how she and Jax met...

...INSTAGRAM! Where else?

I'm thinking a couple of DM's, and it was love. For old time's sake, let's remember a simpler time when Carmen went shopping with Jax at Kyle Richards' boutique. CROSSOVER ALERT!

I love me a rip in the Bravo space-time continuum. Who knows, maybe we'll end up seeing more of her somewhere down the line.

Knowing Jax, he'll probably be trying to butter her up in an episode, begging her to take him back.