Will Jax Believe What Abel Told Him?

Well, folks — the day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Gemma's secret has officially been revealed and probably by the last person she ever suspected would be a threat. Tuesday night's Sons of Anarchy episode "Faith and Despondency" was filled with the usual amount of blood and carnage that we've come to expect/love about the show. However, the main event came in the final few moments when Abel told Jax Gemma killed Tara during his late evening tuck-in. (Bedtime stories are a little dark in the Teller household, no?) And while Jax was obviously taken aback by his son's little truth bomb, it's hard to say if he'll actually believe it.

I mean, this is a huge accusation for Abel to make, and given everything he's gone through recently it'd be easy for Jax to chalk it up as a piece of fiction — nothing more, nothing less. Not to mention the fact that Abel was already been caught in lie earlier that day after he stabbed himself with a fork and blamed it on Gemma. Jax knows Abel wasn't telling the truth then. So will he too write this off as yet another tall tale? Right now, it's hard to say, but at the very least it's opened Jax's eyes to the possibility.

After all, kids may say the darndest things at times, but usually it stems from something they've seen or heard before. So for Abel to concoct such an idea, Jax has to wonder how the thought got into his son's head in the first place. Sure, Nero made a good point when he suggested Abel was lashing out at Gemma in the fear that she's trying to replace his mother. But now that Abel knows Wendy is actually his real mother (or "first mommy," as Jax and Abel are putting it), that argument seems to hold a little less weight. Still, Jax may not believe Abel's statement outright, but it'll plant the seed and, in my opinion, be the beginning of Gemma's downfall.

Let's not forget that Chris Dun — the guy both Juice and Gemma "claimed" to have seen leaving Tara's house around the time of her death — was actually locked up in a Vegas P.D. cell at that time, making it impossible for him to have committed the crime. Jax is eventually going to catch wind of this piece of intel, and when he does, his suspicions are only going to grow in strength. He might have bought the excuse that Gemma simply made a mistake before, but when you add this to what Abel has now told him, Gemma's credibility may go right out the window — and with it, her son's trust in her.

Because despite Jax's many faults that he's wracked up over the seasons, one thing's for sure — he's a smart guy. He's definitely capable of putting these pieces together. And while I still doubt SAMCRO will actually kill Gemma, this will serve as Jax's biggest betrayal of all, which will make the fallout all the more devastating. Gemma can pack for Nero's farm all she wants, but at this point, there's nothing she can do to outrun her fate — whatever that might be.

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