Gemma Is Going To Have To Pay Eventually, Right?

Gemma has never been easy to root for. I mean, the woman is played by Katey Sagal, one of my favorite actresses for many reasons beyond voicing the kickass one-eyed woman Leela from Futurama. She walks around and gets stuff done, only instead of rocking power suits like the glossier Olivia Popes and Alicia Florricks of the world, Gemma does so in skintight jeans, boots that were absolutely not made for walking, and a second-skin-level leather jacket. She makes Christina Aguilera's bleach blonde streaks from the "Dirrrty" video look awesome again. And yet, I have to admit she's got this coming: Gemma is absolutely going to die by the end of Sons of Anarchy's final season. There's no way around it.

First of all, every piece of violence this season can be traced back to her. We ended last week's episode with a room full of dead escorts at Nero and the club's joint venture brothel, or whatever classy name they decided to slap on it. Every single one of those deaths can be traced back to Gemma.

She killed Tara. Then she blamed it on Lin's crew. Then Jax struck Lin, first with the man Gemma says killed Tara and then by stealing their guns and drugs. Jax blamed it on another club, they told Lin, Lin shot up every one of the escorts working for Jax. As we head into Tuesday's episode "Some Strange Eruption," I'm betting that one titular eruption is going to be Gemma's guilt. Seeing all those women lying dead on the floor has to do something to a person, no matter how desperate she is to save her own hide.

Here's why you know I am absolutely right:

She Lied to Everyone Who Loves Her

We've toyed with the idea that Jax has the ammunition to kill his mother, but considering he had reason to off Tara last season and decided to sacrifice himself instead, I'm thinking that's not super possible. However, she has proliferated a lie that hurts Jax and his associates, i.e. Nero. If either of them find out Gemma was lying, they probably won't kill her — love is funny that way — but you can bet they won't be nearly as obsessed with protecting her. And that could leave her open to being collateral damage should this war with Lin escalate.

Wendy Has Taken The Teller Boys Under Her Wing

Wendy could very well be the last one standing. She's the one who finally got herself out of her dark hole, only to be brought back under by one of Jax's schemes. She needs something good. She deserves it. Now, she's the only person on this show who seems to be happy. She's taking care of two little boys, she's needed, and Gemma isn't trying to run her out of town. She's got this surrogate parenting thing down, so losing Gemma would hurt, but it wouldn't exactly leave these two tots in a destitute situation, now would it?

Jax's Key Art Imagery

I've already written about the SOA key art suggesting that Jax is a dead man, and while I still think that is a possibility, it's also just as likely that the images refer to his ability to spread death like a plague. You know, like the Grim Reaper that graces all the SAMCRO paraphernalia? Even if Gemma gets to keep her secret, the wave of death Jax has started will certainly come down on the innocent as well as some of those who deserve it most. And as much I adore Sagal and (parts of) her character, Gemma might really deserve it this time.

Images: James Minchin, Michael Becker (2)/FX; FX