Where Exactly Did Twisty The Clown Go?

From the very beginning of the American Horror Story : Freak Show season, Twisty The Clown was thought of as the villain. And he was, he murdered a hell of a lot of people in his four short episodes. But at the same time, some viewers might have felt bad for Twisty, especially when we learned — in his final episode — his backstory of how he became the killer clown. And while viewers saw the complicated storyline that Twisty had been given, Twisty himself didn't see his actions as wrong, which "caused the demon to weep," as Edward Mordrake said. Because of this, he was chosen by Mordrake's second face to die and join his troupe of brothers and sisters. But what does that actually mean, and where did Edward Mordrake take them?

According to Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, Twisty's story isn't completely over, and neither is Edward Mordrake's. "Twisty is not over, and neither is Edward Mordrake. They both make triumphant returns," Murphy told Entertainment Weekly. So we know these two will return in some capacity — for all we know it could be in Dandy's nightmare (or dreams for that matter) — but what have they been doing in the interim of their departure in "Edward Mordrake: Part 2?"

Edward Took Him To The Dark Afterlife

I'm not sure what type of afterlife exists in the AHS realm of reality, but Edward Mordrake mentioned that Twisty had made the demon weep, so maybe Edward Mordrake brought Twisty to said demon after he killed him (along with the other troupe members).

Edward Mordrake Took Them To The Better Afterlife

Maybe Edward Mordrake's killing of Twisty was more of a evil soul release to welcome him to a happier mental space (after all, Twisty's face was restored after he was killed). Edward Mordrake spared those who recognized the error of their ways, so perhaps Edward Mordrake's Reform School will help Twisty learn his mistakes and not be evil.

They Went Off To Make Toys

It would be a twist (no pun intended) but definitely keeping with the creepy nature of the show if all of Edward Mordrake's troupe members/ killers started a toy making business. Plus, we know Twisty would be pleased with this set up.

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