Meghan Trainor Admires Ariana Grande's Legs, Proving She's Not All About Just One Body Type

Meghan Trainor may be all about that body positivity, but in a recent interview with, the 20-year-old singer revealed that she's also into Ariana Grande's thigh gap. Interesting, no?

How did the legs of the "Problem" singer arise? During a game of "Bass or Treble" — where Trainor would declare something as "bass" if she was feeling it or "treble" if it wasn't her thing (yes, it's as stupid as it sounds...) — thigh gaps were brought up, to which Trainor said: "If you rock it, bass, I don't know," she says. "I like Ariana Grande's nice thigh-gap. She's got good legs." And thus, the internet exploded with accusations that the "All About That Bass" singer wasn't as body positive as she originally let on.

I'll admit that this praise of a trend that is too-often associated with eating disorders and negative body image doesn't exactly line up with all the curvy love Trainor sings about in her hit single. But I'm actually going to chalk this up to a poor choice of words. Trainor didn't say all girls should have itty bitty legs. All she really did was call another body type, other than her own, beautiful. I mean, what was Trainor supposed to say when posed with the question? "Skinny legs? Ew!" Essentially, girlfriend just squashed those criticisms that her hit body love anthem isn't inclusive to those on the slimmer side. See? I knew she was "just playin'" about those "skinny bitches."

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