Pregnancy Companion Is a New Pregnancy App, and It Looks Pretty Awesome

There are a lot of risks associated with pregnancy, from gestational diabetes to depression. Turns out growing a whole separate human all by yourself inside your body can be a tricky process. Who knew?

Fortunately, there’s a new app that can help pregnant women keep track of their health in between doctor’s appointments. And in a strange twist of fate, Pregnancy Companion as the app is called, is the flagship app for a startup featured at the TechCrunch conference that also gave rise to the now infamous Titstare app. So maybe the tech industry isn’t completely tone-deaf to the needs of women.

Pregnancy Companion, created by two OB/GYNs, allows women to plug in their due date and gain access to tools related to everything from weight gain to kicks to contractions. It even has an “Ask the Docs” feature where women can ask questions and get real medical advice.

Pregnancy Companion, its creators say, is designed to supplement visits to the doctor, which typically only occur once a month during pregnancy. With this app women can get daily feedback and hopefully identify risks or complications sooner than would normally occur. It's awesome anytime anyone anywhere wants to give women more information and control over their own reproduction.

The company, named Embrace Her Health, hopes to raise around $1 million to expand and produce additional apps for postpartum health, pediatrics, and fertility. Pregnancy Companion is already distributed by 500 doctors and has been used by 250,000 women.

Here’s hoping that number only keeps growing.