Rejoice, 'Vanderpump'ers! Scheana Has A New Song

Vanderpump Rules' resident pop singer just released another pearl of a song into the ether, and I gotta say, the timing is pretty bonkers. "Why the heck would it be 'bonkers'?" you ask. Well, you are not going to believe this, but only a few days ago, my friend and I had a brief discussion about the newlywed reality star's music career. It's been almost a year since she released "Good As Gold", and we were dyyyyyyying to know if and when we were going to get another Scheana tune. (We may or may not be obsessed with her first two singles.) And what do ya know? Less than a week later, Scheana dropped new song "Shake That"! And it is not just any ol' song, mind you. According to the Vanderpump star, it is a "twerking song." G'BLESS.

If the horn and the whispering in "Shake That" remind you of a certain hit jam that dominated the airwaves this summer, that is not your imagination. In an interview with Bravo, Scheana said the song is "very Ariana Grande/ Iggy [Azalea] 'Problem'." So, who is that doing his best Whispering Big Sean impression? It is, but of course, husband Mike Shay. Scheana also worked with costar James Kennedy on the track.

I'm not going to pretend like I haven't played this video seven times in the last hour: