Elsa Mars Has Another Connection To 'Asylum'

There has been a ton of chatter in the AHS fandom since Ryan Murphy confirmed that all American Horror Story seasons are connected. How are they connected, who is connected? A lot of theories point toward Asylum being connected with this season's Freak Show, especially because they take place around the same time in history and they also share two of the same characters. Pepper and Sister Mary Eunice are both in Freak Show, although there hasn't been any references to Asylum yet, but that is most likely because Freak Show takes place about 10 years before Asylum does. So are these characters in Freak Show twelve years out from entering Briarcliff? Well, this theory that AHS 's Elsa Mars and Dr. Arden — from Asylum —are connected might finally prove that these two seasons are definitely working together.

If you remember back to Season 2, Dr. Arden was a doctor at Briarcliff Manor, the mental hospital where Jessica Lange's character Sister Jude worked. Besides being a really creepy guy, he also had a Nazi past and an affinity for amputating limbs off of patients (Chloe Sevigny fell victim to him during the season). So keeping that in mind, could Dr. Arden be the link to Freak Show?

When Edward Mordrake appeared at the Freak Show, he managed to get Elsa to reveal her past. During her reveal, we learned that she had was a dominatrix in Germany (Germany!). At one point in her career, Elsa was drugged and tricked into performing in a torture porn/ snuff film where her legs got sawed off (a.k.a., amputated). Now, in Jupiter, Elsa has two prosthetic legs.

Flashforward 12 years, when Asylum takes place. Dr. Arden and Sister Jude never got along. In fact, she resented him for attitude toward her faith. Sister Jude had a dark past, she was involved in a hit and run before she joined Briarcliff, she was also a nightclub singer. A nightclub singer — similar to Elsa's desire to be a famous performer.

Could Dr. Arden have something to do with Elsa losing her legs in Germany? The two situations seem rather specific to not be connected. When Sister Mary Eunice joins the season, we will most likely learn more about the connection between the two seasons.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy