8 Thanksgiving Dinner Game Changers You'll Definitely Be Thankful For This Year

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Having the ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner brings out the best — and worst — in all of us. Never in the last 365 days have we eaten this much, tested our stomach capacity so strongly, been in such close proximity to both a couch and a bathroom and not known which was more important to us at that very moment. But year after year, Thanksgiving works us over, and we're left moaning in her dangerously satisfying wake.

But before we can even get to the meal this year, there's the menu to consider. Before dinner ever has the chance to destroy us, we have the chance to put together the most satisfying display of culinary expertise we know how. And when you're putting together a menu, you can play it one of two ways: You can play it safe, or you can live life on the edge.

The answer's obvious. Every 365 days, you get the chance to leave that little box you call home with its basic sweet potatoes, your basic pies, your basic-filled cheese platers. So this year, take it.

And in case you need a little somethin-somethin to push you up over the edge, we put together a little game-changer menu of our own. (You're welcome.)

Image: How Sweet It Is

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