"Yellow Flicker Beat" Gets Kanye-ified

After I read through the track list for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 OST, I walked away from my computer feelin' AMPED about the fantastic group of artists Lorde curated. (I am downright ITCHIN' to hear those songs by Bat for Lashes, Grace Jones, and Charli XCX!) I also walked away curious about track no. 11. What the what is that “Kanye West Rework” all about? I wondered. Well, the mystery is a mystery no longer: the audio for “Flicker” made its way onto the Internet Monday, and now I know exactly what Ye’s remix, er, rework of Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat” is all about. (Spoiler alert: It is great.)

Initially, I was sort of bummed out that West does not rap on "Flicker", but I got over it real quick. Because what Yeezus did do to the already awesome original song is, well, awesome. He pared "Yellow Flicker Beat" waaaaay down and threw in a slow, water drop-like beat. The song sounds like what I imagine swimming in a haunted lake would feel like. And my god, do I love it.

"Yellow Flicker Beat" is terrific. "Flicker" is terrific. I know I've only heard two songs off of the Mockingjay soundtrack, but I pretty sure I love the entire album already.