Coulson's Been Carving a City on 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Not only did Agent Coulson finally figure out what the heck he was writing in alien symbols on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , but the compulsions are over. Yay! Agent May won't have to kill him after all. That was a close one. Not that he didn't go a little nuts in the process. The final push for answers involved Coulson locking Skye up, holding an innocent man at gunpoint, and almost choking a guy when the words "look down at the train set" would have sufficed. However, looking at the alien carving in its full form gave them the perspective they needed to understand to understand what it was. Skye already posited that it was a map. Coulson then figured out that it was a blueprint. Not the kind of blueprint you use to build something, but the kind of blueprint you use to build someplace. The alien whose blood was in the GH-325 was directing them towards a city, via the words of creation. Was he trying to get back to his family? Is there a dark secret there? Also what city is it? Whether it's the alien's home or something more, I think I have a few good guesses.

The Blue Area of the Moon

Yeah, our moon. That blue alien that gave them the directions is almost certainly Kree. Guardians of the Galaxy's production design for the Marvel characters all but confirmed that. According to the comics, the Blue Area hosted a contest between Kree and Coati aliens. The area was developed by the Skrull, another Marvel alien species. The Kree chose to build a city.


Our moon was also inhabited by the Inhumans, which are coming to Marvel movie screens in Phase 3, if they haven't already shown up on this series. The Inhumans built a city called Attilan that was originally located in the Atlantic Ocean and has moved several times over history. It's kind of like an alien versus of Atlantis. That would explain why and how the GH-325 alien lost his city and wants to find it.

An Alien Planet

We still haven't confirmed the existence of the Kree, so I'll leave it open to interpretation. It's only natural that an alien map would lead us to an alien city. The city in Guardians of the Galaxy had a similar aesthetic vibe to it. My only question is this, and this goes for the Moon as well — how is Coulson going to get his Agents into space?!

Somewhere on Earth

Perhaps the alien has hidden some information on Earth that he needs to find. Maybe the aliens have been here all along. It could be Atlanta. Sorry, I'm still bitter about wondering where Beth Greene was on The Walking Dead for months only to find out that she was just around the corner.

Wherever the map leads, Project T.A.H.I.T.I. sure got a lot scarier after this week's episode. Those scenes with all the patients slowly losing their minds was something out of a horror film, not my usual Tuesday night television fare!

Images: ABC; fitsimmons/Tumblr