'Walking Dead's Beth Isn't So Far Away After All

Finally, we get to find out what happened to Beth on The Walking Dead . There has been so much build-up and so much speculation, this better be good. Where did they take her? Who is "they"? In the preview for the last episode, we saw Beth looking out at a city skyline, begging the question: Where is Beth's hospital located? (The New Zealand promo shows a little more of whatever city it is, for those who are a little lost.) Is she at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, as many fans have been speculating? Is she in another familiar location from the comic books? Is she in Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, or another Southern city in between Georgia and our nation's capital? It's becoming more and more apparent that she isn't that far away, actually.

Our first clue is the fact that whatever hospital organization took her has a lot of cars, and to be racing back and forth so much on local highways, they almost have to be based nearby. The fourth episode of the season is called "Slabtown," which is the old name for the historical red-light district in Atlanta. Could Beth be back where the series started? Are you kidding me? She was in Georgia the whole time? This leaked footage from "Slabtown" (an extended cut of the official sneak peek) basically confirms the Atlanta location:

She's at Grady Memorial Hospital, which is in Atlanta. In the clip, Beth wakes up and looks out over the Atlanta skyline. It's definitely the Atlanta skyline, you can clearly see the SunTrust Plaza Building in the distance. She starts banging on the doors, and readies herself to attack whoever answers her call. A clean, crisp looking doctor and police woman enter, Dr. Steven Edwards and Officer Dawn Lerner. They tell her where they are, that they found her on the side of the road surrounded by Walkers, and ask her if she can remember her name, which she does.

Is this just standard post-apocalyptic medical procedure, or were they trying to tamper with Beth's memory? This isn't a soap opera, or Once Upon a Time! Clearly they don't know that Beth was doing just fine with Daryl. Though, we already know that police lady is not to be trusted. Just the fact that they manage to keep their suits clean is suspect enough.

Frank Mullen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And again, we have the hint via the episode title. Hey, guess which district in Atlanta Grady Hospital was built on? If you guessed Slabtown, you are correct. I am actually really into this choice. A hospital built over the remains of an old criminal district is a poetic setting, especially for an organization on The Walking Dead like this one. It is sure to have a dark underbelly.

Well, that about settles it. She's not in Alexandria after all, folks. I know we were hoping to get to the Safe-Zone this season, but as I've mentioned before, it's a pretty long walk to get to Virginia from Georgia. I can't believe that after all this, she was just downtown the whole time. However, this does make it easier for Daryl and the others to find her, presuming they do — some of these TWD spoilers are freaking me out.

It's too bad Maggie took off for DC with Glenn and Team Abraham, but I have a feeling that Beth may be fine on her own...

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